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12 reviews for TNC -12: CBD Tincture

  1. Jeff Pritchet

    I have been reading on CBD and found these products,
    So I decided to try the tincture and boy am I glad I did. I did not get high or feel funny. In fact I felt great and had felt refreshed and ready for the day… I love my tincture before bed

  2. Richard Schwartz

    Amazing!! TNC-12 really helped with me with my ability to get a good nights sleep

  3. Ann Westfield

    I really love this stuff. I couple of drops does the trick

  4. Ryan Smith

    My only wish was that I got this sooner… I would have been in less pain so much sooner. Thanks guys!

  5. Willy B

    I highly recommended this for anxiety, it has helped me so much. I like the Vanilla flavored tincture the best.

  6. Carlo Ramirez

    I’ve been looking for a sleep aid that actually works. TNC-12 does the trick. I don’t wake up with a hangover feeling. Also I love the flavors it comes in. I recommend the 500mg dose

  7. Bobby G

    I was a skeptic at first. CBD works. I will be ordering again soon!

  8. Brian

    Love this stuff! I use it when I wake up and before bed everyday. Helps me with my anxiety, sleeplessness and inflammation. I have tried a lot of brands out there and this one is by far the best!

  9. Seana

    A total life saver for an anxiety hermit like myself! When I feel my crippling anxiety creep up, I take a dose of TNC-12 and can get myself up and about and out the door for the day or can calm my brain down before bed. I have the unflavored one, but I can’t wait to try the vanilla cinnamon in my next order!

  10. Colin


    If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping but don’t want to be high, this is for you!

  11. Darci (verified owner)

    Finally getting a good night’s sleep – besides hormone balance, taking valerian and melatonin, the TNC-12 drops are the final step.

  12. D Walsh

    I have anxiety and have problems sleeping. I HATE taking pills. The TNC-12 has been a lifesaver. I sleep like a baby and I’m no longer on edge. I have taken drops in the past, but I like these the best

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